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401(K) PLANS

Whether you're a Fortune 500 company or running a start-up out of your garage, a 401(k) plan should be a priority for your business. A quality 401(k) plan can be a great tool for recruiting, help retain and keep happy current employees, and provide excellent tax benefits for the company owners. 

WealthRhino advisors are experienced in the design and management of high-performing 401(k) plans. Our hands-on approach ensures you and your employees receive the maximum benefits from your plan.

Why hire WealthRhino as your 401(k) advisor?

Why hire WealthRhino as your 401(k) advisor?

Our hands-on approach increases performance & efficiency of your plan, reduces administrative burden for you & your staff, keeps costs as low as possible, and maximizes the tax benefits for you (the owners).

WealthRhino goes above & beyond as your 401(k) advisor:

  • Investments - we manage & monitor investments quarterly; replacing underperforming funds when necessary.
  • Fees - we regularly monitor & compare fees to ensure you have the best plan for the lowest cost. 
  • Education & Participation - provide up to 4 virtual or live meetings per year; meet one-on-one with employees. Our goal is to maintain participation above 80%.
  • Plan Design - help owners & participants get the maximum income & tax benefits possible by including important plan design updates.
  • Service Calendar - we have a set12-month service calendar to help you stay on top of compliance, testing requirements, and tax form submissions.
  • WealthRhino Memberships - unlike other advisors, our monthly subscription financial planning service allows employees to sign-up and have peace of mind over their finances. Worry-free employees = Productive employees! (Group discounts available)

Free Review of Your 401(k) Plan

Free Review of Your 401(k) Plan

We're very passionate about having a quality 401(k) plan because it not only affects you as the owner, it also greatly impacts the financial lives of your employees.

We're so passionate about it that we'll put in the work and spend the time to perform a free review of your plan. Seriously, there's no catch.

Here's a step-by-step on how it works:

  1. Submit Plan Info - Click the button below and provide us with some basic information about your company and your plan.
  2. Provide Documents - we'll need 2 documents from you: Statement of Assets & the 408(b)2 Fee Disclosure Notice. If you can't locate these, we can help you find them.
  3. THAT'S IT! - In 7-10 days, we'll produce a report that reviews the investment performance, breakdown of total fees, plan design, compliance, & administration.
  4. Review the Report - we'll tell you everything we think about the plan - the good, the bad, & the ugly - and even give you advice on how to fix the bad things. At that point, you're welcome to do what you like with the information and we part ways.

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