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About Us

WealthRhino is revolutionizing financial advice for Millennials, Gen-Z, and Gen-X.

Our Primary Purpose

People in their 20s, 30s, and 40s, are the people most in need of expert financial advice. 

During these years, you’re making HUGE decisions about your career, your family, your lifestyle, & your future.

We call this the “Wealth Accumulation” phase.

It’s a very important phase where every life decision you make is a financial decision that can greatly impact your future.

And guess what…you’re expected to figure it out on your own, right?

WealthRhino was built to change lives.

Client Centered

We created WealthRhino to solve this problem. When you join, one of our advisors becomes your Personal CFO to handle all the heavy lifting of your financial life. 

Your WealthRhino advisor will:

  • Learn your financial life inside and out.
  • Help you define your goals and financial priorities.
  • Be on-call 24/7 to help make decisions.
  • Monitor every part of your finances and alert you when something needs attention.
  • Regularly meet with you to provide updates & proactive advice.
  • Help you identify and change bad financial behaviors.
  • Be fully securities & insurance licensed.
  • Come in an affordable monthly subscription.
  • Educate you on important topics.
  • Partner with your CPA, attorney, and other key decision makers.

Meet Our Team

Royce Running

Royce Running

President - Financial Advisor

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