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At WealthRhino we work with every type of successful young professional you can imagine...attorneys, tech executives, physicians, celebrities, athletes, influencers, entrepreneurs, dentists, accountants, engineers, musicians, real estate investors, name it, we've done it!

The one shared reason they all joined WealthRhino was to get the same outstanding service that the ultra wealthy get, so they can enjoy and focus on more important things in life. Our members typically share many of the same characteristics: fast-paced lifestyles, high incomes, continual self-improvement, and the desire to grow in all aspects of life. Check out some WealthRhino members and see if their situations resonate with you…

MEET: Sarah & Jacob - The Creative Millennials


AGES: 35 and 37

PROFESSIONS: Marketing Executive and Influencer/High School Teacher

FAMILY STATUS: Newly married; no children

SARAH & JACOB SAID:  “We’re the type of people that HATE dealing with and stressing over our finances. We’ve excelled in our careers and make good money, but our time is better spent traveling, spending time with friends, and doing the things that we love…especially before we settle down to start a family. We joined WealthRhino to have a financial expert monitor our financial life and make strategic recommendations, setup saving & investing plans, and help us stay focused on our short and long-term goals."


Sarah & Jacob’s needs:

  • Help creating and staying accountable to a budget.
  • Help understanding investments and figuring out how to properly invest in their 401(k) and 403(b) accounts.
  • Organize their finances and avoid the stress and time it takes to do it all on our own.

How WealthRhino has helped Sarah & Jacob:

  • Sarah & Jacob’s WealthRhino Advisor helped them create a long-term budget, defined and set goals, and keeps them updated quarterly so they can spend less time worrying about their finances.
  • Their advisor also helped educate & update them on stock & bond market events, create portfolio allocations for both of their retirement accounts, and purchase life insurance.

MEET: Frank - The Tech-Savvy Opportunist


AGE: 37

PROFESSION: Director for Tech Company


FRANK SAID:  “When I changed jobs, it was overwhelming. I had to handle my 401k account, stock options, employee benefits, HSA, & cash bonus, all while trying to learn the ropes of my new position. I'm a very capable investor, but I still know my limitations. It was time to get expert help with my financial life. Now, my WealthRhino advisor is taking tasks off my plate, setting-up a plan for my stock options, and helping me prepare for the future so I can focus on climbing higher up the corporate ladder."


Frank’s needs:

  • Manage the stock options at his new company.
  • Roll over his 401(k) to an IRA and manage it professionally.

  • Advice on available employee benefits and how to minimize his tax burden.

How WealthRhino has helped Frank:

  • Frank’s WealthRhino advisor handled the entire process of consolidating multiple 401k accounts into a single IRA account, along with creating a custom diversified investment management strategy.
  • His advisor created a plan for Frank’s stock options and provided guidance on ways to minimize his tax liabilities.

MEET: Eddie, Isabella, Victor & Sabrina - The High-Octane Family


AGEs: 45, 42, 12, and 7

PROFESSION: Doctor, Attorney, Little League All-Star, & Disney Princess

FAMILY STATUS: Married with 2 children

EDDIE & ISABELLA SAID:  “We both understand how to budget, but are unsure how to plan for our future. What we really need are creative solutions to reaching our long-term financial goals of putting our kids through college and saving for retirement. We joined WealthRhino to have expert management of our investments, retirement accounts, and college funds to make sure we stay on track. Our goal is to give our kids the ability to pick whatever college they want to go to."


Eddie & Isabella’s needs:

  • Creative tax efficient solutions for their dual high-income careers.
  • High school and college education funding analysis, and utilization of 529 accounts.

  • Cut down on stress and free up more time to spend with their kids.

How WealthRhino helped Eddie & Isabella:

  • Eddie & Isabella's WealthRhino advisor met with their CPA and structured advanced strategies to save more of their income, minimize their taxes, and more efficiently grow their wealth.
  • Their advisor also performed an education funding analysis for Victor & Sabrina to create a plan for funding 529 accounts.