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WealthRhino creates custom solutions for our members’ investment needs. We have access to the world’s top professional institutional money managers and we’re able to bring them to our clients without a minimum account size.

When it comes to fees, we try to keep things simple and transparent. All accounts are managed under a 1.00% All-In Program fee which includes all account administration and advisory costs. 


(*Includes advisory fee and TD Ameritrade platform fee; third-party service provider fees for the program can range from 0.00% to 0.80% depending on the portfolio strategies selected for the account)

Our Tax Overlay Program is an ideal solution for mitigating the impact of taxes on taxable portfolios. The services includes protecting low basis positions, wash sale monitoring and deferrals, and tax-loss harvesting, among other tax-minimizing activities.

0.05% to 0.12% (varies with account size)


$0Account MinimumsTypically $100,000+
Build custom diversified portfolios according to your goals, time horizon, and risk level.Personalized StrategyNo customization; place you into one of their 5-10 standard portfolios.
Access to major institutional investment strategies; normally inaccessible to the general public.Investment AccessUses same funds you can buy on Robinhood.
Quarterly performance reporting sent direct to your email.Performance ReportsAnnual performance reporting.
In-person, virtual, or phone meetings every quarter.Proactive CommunicationOnly calls when they want something.
Tax-loss harvesting and tax-efficient strategies.Tax ManagementDon't take into account your tax situation.
Use the right strategy in the right account type, to maximize your bottom-line and minimize your taxes.Account Type SelectionWill use the same strategy across all account types.
Automatic rebalancing triggers are setup to maintain portfolio allocation.RebalancingDo not have rebalancing tools.
Fees are transparent and listed directly on statements.Fee TransparencyUses investments with hidden fees.


There hasn’t been an account type we here at WealthRhino couldn’t manage for you. Here’s a brief list of some of the more common accounts we’ve helped our members with:

Traditional IRA  Roth IRA  Individual 401(k)  Individual - Taxable  
Rollover IRA  Defined Benefit Plan  403 (b) Plan  Joint Tenancy Accounts  
SEP IRA  LLC/Corporate Accounts  401 (k) Plan  Trust Accounts  
Simple IRA  UGMA/UTMA Accounts  Employee Stock Purchase Plan  529 Education Plan  
Client Centered
  • Open-architecture investment platform
  • Online account access & mobile app
  • Account reporting & statements
  • High-quality trading execution